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Due to high demand, Case-Monkey is now stocking cases for iPhone 3G/3Gs, iPod Touch 4, and iPad 2, 3 and 4. Stand out from the crowd with new do-it-yourself, completely custom cases available at http://www.Case-Monkey.com

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

Due to high demand, Case-Monkey is now offering the ability to design custom cases for iPhone 3G/3Gs,iPod Touch 4, and iPad 2/3/4. Before this recent product launch, Case-Monkey offered custom cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

Case-Monkey.com features do-it-yourself software that allows users to easily and quickly design personalized smartphone and tablet cases by adding their own photos, text, colors and graphics.

Software is what sets Case-Monkey apart from competing websites. The interface is clean and easy to use and the layout of cases is completely customizable—text, fonts, resizing and filters—without restrictions. The platform allows users to preview final case designs exactly as it will be printed and to share their creation with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

In addition to added style, Case-Monkey custom cases provide a much-needed protective shield for smartphones and tablets without adding bulk. Also, all Case-Monkey products receive high quality printing, right here in the USA.

“We know there are lots of places online to create a custom iPad 4 case and personalized cases for iPhones and iPods but our site has an advantage over competition with our easy to use software,” said Allison Marotta, a representative from Case-Monkey. “You can upload multiple photos, edit them with tools and filters and add text. And our printing is top quality for an awesome case.”

The company has plans to launch custom cases for Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire in the coming months.

To get started designing a custom iPod 4 case, custom iPad 4 case or custom iPhone 3G case go to case-monkey.com and to stay in the loop about sales,coupons, promotions and new products.

About Case Monkey:

Case-Monkey.com is the best place to make your own iPad case or make your own iPod Touch case online.

We’re a small company with a simple mission: Provide design freedom and the ability to easily design your own cases online to the world at great prices.

We’re all about design freedom, and making it easy for anyone to custom design their own iPhone and iPad cases! We’ve got great prices on top brand products that we test ourselves to ensure quality before opening up Customization thru Case Monkey.com.