Credit: iSketchnote

Let’s face it: a stylus is a poor substitute for a real pen. You just don’t get the same level of satisfaction from writing on a pane of glass as you do when you’re scratching your musings into a sheet of processed wood pulp. Enter the iSketchnote iPad case, the pen and paper pad that takes full advantage of your iPad’s functionality.

Hidden in the sleek exterior of the iSketchpad is a sensor matrix capable of tracking your pen and sending its position to your iPad in real time. Sensors in the pad track the pen via a simple ring-shaped magnet integrated into the pen itself. The pen’s position data is sent to your iPad, which transcribes your every doodle into a digital copy. The end result is not only a digital file of your sketches and writing, but a traditional hard copy as well.

iSketchnote is currently funding on Kickstarter, where it has raised more than double its funding goal with nearly a month still to go. To see the iSketchnote in action, as well as hear from its creators, check out the video below.

iSketchnote, via Kickstarter

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