Fans of Apple are getting excited about the Apple event which is set to take place towards the end of this month and the possible reveal of new iPad`s. The Apple iPad 5 has been the centre of many leaks going around and we have seen a video that claims to show the casing for the iPad 5 in Space Grey. The latest looks reveals that the tablet will come with black bezels on the front.

We have now lost count of the leaked parts that are said to belong to the iPad 5 or the Apple iPad Mini 2. Previously we saw a video that was said to show off the aluminium back shell along with the front panel of the iPad 5. Then we saw some images of what was said to be the casing of the iPad 5 in Space Grey.

The new video on YouTube is said to be the casing for the iPad 5 and it comes from the same source as the other video we talked about. The casing does look similar to that of the silver model which was shown in the previous video, but there are some changes.

The Space grey casing has a black front bezel, while the silver version appeared to have white. We have also seen a similarly coloured ring insert on the back of the tablet, which surrounds the camera.

It has been said that the Space Grey colour choice will be a replacement for the Slate model. So this may mean that the iPad 5 could have colouring similar to the iPhone 5S that was recently revealed. So this brings us to the possibility of a gold iPad 5. This has been rumoured for some weeks now.

The Apple iPad 5 in the video may well be an early prototype version as it doesn’t seem to come with the magnets that would connect a Smart Cover. Or could it be possible that Apple have come up with a brand new idea?

For the moment you should take this with a pinch of sale, but it does look plausible. We saw some design drawings recently from a case manufacturer and they compared the size of the iPad 4 to the iPad 5.

The good news is that we should not have to wait too much longer as Apple will be holding their event on the 15th of October, however this hasn’t yet been confirmed. The iPad 5 should be revealed at the event, but we have recently heard reports that the Apple iPad Mini 2 may not be announced until later. But it may possibly be revealed during the event.

So what do you think about the Space Grey of the iPad 5? Would you like to see the iPad 5 in gold?