The Best iPad 2 Cases

Flipping folios, simple sleeves, and snap-on shells with built-in stands—all designed to keep your precious tablet safe and sound. Take a look at some of the coolest iPad 2 cases you can buy.


A brand new shiny gadget is a beautiful thing. One that’s scratched, scuffed, or (gasp!) smashed is not only regrettable, but avoidable. Fragility and mobility are the perfect combination for disaster when it comes to tablets. If you have an iPad, the first thing you need to do is get a case to protect it. The good news is that a simple Google search turns up scores and scores of cases designed specifically for the iPad 2, so there are plenty of types and styles to choose from. We’ve looked at a lot of them to bring you 32 cool cases.

Besides providing protection, a good case can help you do more with your iPad. One of the more popular flavors is the folio, which when folded the right way acts as a stand, propping up your iPad at various angles for typing, gaming, video viewing, or ebook reading. When you’re not using the stand, the case folds back to cover the iPad’s back panel, and more importantly, the very fragile 9.7-inch screen, keeping it safe from damage when you shove it into an overstuffed backpack. We found a bunch of folios in various materials and designs.

If you want to add some personality to your tablet, a protective shell could be the way to go. Shells, typically constructed from plastic or rubber, come in bright colors, patterns, and textures—we found some sweet-looking ones. But a shell will only cover the iPad’s back panel, so you’ll need a transparent screen protector or something like Apple’s Smart Cover, which is a thin perforated layer of polyurethane or leather that uses magnets to adhere to the iPad’s screen to protect it.

Not a fan of the added bulk of a case? At least get a sleeve to protect your iPad while it’s in transit. We’ve got some of those too. But keep your fingers crossed that you don’t drop that tablet while you’re using it—you’ll be out of luck.

Acme Made Infinite Angle

Price: $30
Hence the name, the Infinite Angle by Acme Made offers varying degrees of incline so you can find your perfect typing, gaming, or video-viewing stance. Minimally designed, the all-black case offers your iPad 2 protection without bulk or flash.

Acme Made Infinite Angle

Apple iPad Smart Case

Apple iPad Smart Case

Price: $49
The Apple Smart Case retains the thin design and dual-function stand of the original Smart Cover, but adds full-body protection.


Apple iPad Smart Cover

Price: $39-$69$18.49 at Amazon
The innovative, magnetized Apple iPad Smart Cover is less case (in the traditional sense), and more mere screen protector, but it does just that, protects your iPad 2’s display effectively and elegantly—and without adding bulk like a lot of other cases do. But if you want the back of your tablet covered, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2

Price: $99.99$64.95 at Amazon
One of the best case/keyboard combos we’ve tested, the Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 adds an excellent-feeling physical Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad, and though it adds bulk, the case keeps your precious tablet protected.



Booqpad Agenda

Price: $49.95$59.95 at
The Booqpad Agenda combines the digital with the analog, folding open to reveal the iPad 2 on one side, and a notepad, pen slot, and set of folders for storing business cards, papers and more. It’s one part iPad case, one part briefcase.


ClamCase for iPad 2

Price: $149
Want a little laptop with your tablet? The ClamCase takes your iPad and surrounds it with a folding shell complete with an accessory battery, a full QWERTY keyboard with 14 iPad-specific function keys, and a 360-degree hinge so you can prop the tablet up horizontally or vertically. The matte case adds some bulk (it’s .95-inch deep and weighs 1.7 pounds), but offers substantial protection and comes in black or white. The Limited Edition “Trooper” case (also $149) mixes black and white in true Star Wars style.


Cygnett Aerosphere Sleeve

Price: $24.99$24.99 at Amazon Marketplace
The rubbery foam bubbles onCygnett’s Aerosphere help keep your iPad safe while adding a cool look. The zippered sleeve comes in black, gray, or brown and is lined with faux fur to keep your tablet cozy and scratch-free as it travels inside a bag.


DODOcase Classic

Price: $59.95
The DODOcase Classic is one of the few cases you’ll find that’s as good-looking as the iPad 2 itself. It’s made of bamboo and cloth, and is bound like a book, so it feels like you’re flipping open a novel when you access your iPad. It props the tablet at a number of useful angles, and looks great all the while.


G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve

Price: $69.99
“Extreme” hardly begins to describe how protective the G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve is. It looks like something that belongs in a James Bond movie, and performs like one, protecting your iPad from just about anything—including a bowling ball. Seriously.


Gelaskins for iPad 2

Price: $29.95
If you want to add some protection, but don’t want to bulk up your tablet,Gelaskins has you covered. You slap these plastic skins, made from 3M material, on the iPad’s back panel and front bezel to shield it from scratches. (Don’t worry, they won’t leave behind any sticky stuff when you remove them.) It’s not the most protection you can get for that delicate tablet, but Gelaskins are more about adding personality. For your skin, you can choose from 1,000 cool designs ranging from simple patterns to elaborate and funky artwork from real artists. Better yet, you can upload your own photos. If you like it, the site sells skins for a wide variety of phones, tablets, ebook readers, laptops, gaming gear, and more.


Griffin Air Strap

Price: $49.99$17.39 at Amazon Marketplace
Holding your iPad singlehandedly while you stand on, say, a speeding subway or bus, can be both a precarious and tiring affair. Slide your hand behind the thick neoprene band on the back of Griffin’s Air Strap hard rubber case, and your tablet will be steady and secure while you use your other hand to hold on for dear life.


Griffin CinemaSeat 2

Price: $24.99
The CinemaSeat isn’t only a protector for your iPad, it does double duty as an entertainer, keeping your kids occupied in the car. The padded faux-leather gray frame features a wide band on its back that will fit around most car seat backs to secure the tablet at eye level for passengers in the back seat. Queue up some Yo Gabba Gabba episodes, and you’re all set for that long car trip. There’s also an expandable pocket around back to stow your accessories.


Grove iPad 2 Case

Price: Starts at $159
Grove’s iPad 2 case mixes the analog—choose from natural or amber wood, and tan or black leather—with the high tech: It works with the tablet’s magnets, smartly turning the device on and off. It can fold to multiple angles, ideal for typing or watching videos.


Gumdrop Surf Convertible

Price: $44.95
Apple’s own original case was one of the most popular cases for the first-gen iPad, and the Gumdrop Surf Convertible brings essentially the same thing to the iPad 2. It’s a thin, faux-suede case, and when you fold back the top flap it slides into a notch on the back to prop it up for typing or watching video.


HardCandy Candy Convertible

Price: $44.95$29.99 at Amazon Marketplace
Made of faux-nubuck, the Hard Candy Candy Convertible is a tight, thin folio case that folds into the two most common angles—one for typing, and one for upright viewing. It’s protective, light and professional-looking.


Hard Candy Street Skin Case

Price: $39.95
The name of the Hard Candy Street Skin’s game is super-rugged. It’s made of shock-absorbing TPU rubber, closes with magnets, and is designed to keep your iPad safe from whatever might be out to get it.


iLuv iCC816

Price: $49.99
When closed, iLuv’s iCC816 case looks just like a portfolio, with a strap to close it and a nice, leathery outside. Open it up, and there’s your iPad. The case doesn’t have many features to speak of, but it’s quite attractive.


Incase Origami Workstation

Price: $29.95
The Incase Origami Workstation folds open into a stand for both your Apple wireless keyboard and your iPad 2, and folds closed to a small package that protects your keyboard as well.


Incipio iPad 2 Smart Feather Ultralight Hard Shell

Price: $34.99$34.99 at Amazon Marketplace
At just 2 ounces the Incipio Smart Feather won’t weigh your iPad down, and at $35, it won’t bust your budget either. It’s just a simple, 1-mm thin polycarbonate shell that’s meant to be used with the Apple Smart Cover—and it comes in all the same colors.


iShine Sleeve

Price: $12.95
If you don’t like the idea of a case that’s on all the time, but still want to protect your tablet when it’s not in use, the iShine Sleeve is for you. It’s a microfiber sleeve that protects the iPad from scratches in your bag or purse, and actually cleans the iPad’s screen while you tote it.


iSkin Ballistic

Price: $63
If you’re having Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild fantasies, you’ll want the iSkin Ballistic case with you. It’s made of ballistic nylon, and has water-sealed zippers, so your iPad is protected wherever you go—and whatever you encounter.


iSkin Summit

Price: $47.50
The iSkin Summit is like a sub-zero sleeping bag for your iPad 2. It’s made of Italian nylon, and is designed to be very light yet extremely padded and secure—it’ll protect anything you can fit inside, including the iPad 2.


Kensington KeyFolio

Price: $99.99$74.99 at Kmart
The Kensington KeyFolio is a folio case that opens like a notebook to reveal the iPad, but it also packs a Bluetooth keyboard inside—it’s an ideal all-in-one case for the road warrior who doesn’t want to haul a laptop.


iSkin Ballistic

Price: $63
If you’re having Bear Grylls, Man vs. Wild fantasies, you’ll want the iSkin Ballistic case with you. It’s made of ballistic nylon, and has water-sealed zippers, so your iPad is protected wherever you go—and whatever you encounter.


Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg for iPad 2

Price: $99.99$59.95 at Amazon Marketplace
The follow-up to the Zagg Zaggmate with Keyboard for the original iPad, the aluminum Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg adds a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard with Function keys to your iPad 2, along with a sturdy aluminum base that doubles as protection for your screen as your tablet travels.


M-Edge Slip Sleeve

Price: $14.99
The canvas, leather trimmed Slip Sleeve isn’t brimming with features, but looks sharp and will only set you back $15. An elastic strap keeps the sleeve shut tight and a partition in the microfiber interior means you can stow your iPad accessories without scratching up your tablet.


Otterbox Utility Series Latch

Price: $49.95$36.99 at Amazon Marketplace
Extreme iPad user? Otterbox, known for durable cases and gear, has a solution to keep your tablet and its accessories on hand at all times. It’s not a case, per se, but the Utility Series Latch offers an adjustable hand strap, an elastic strap to affix the tablet, to say, your leg while you’re kneeling, and a lanyard to hang it in either portrait or landscape mode, around your neck or elsewhere. There’s also an accessories storage bag that doubles as a stand, and a screen cover that will help keep your tablet dry. The Utility Series Latch works with or without a case, but if you’re hanging your iPad off various body parts and moving around outdoors, a case is probably in order.


Scosche snapSHIELD P2

Price: $29.99$15.43 at Amazon Marketplace
Want your iPad 2 to be pink? How about blue? Purple, maybe? TheScosche snapSHIELD P2 is a thin, polycarbonate case that snaps onto the back of your iPad and protects it from scratching, all the while adding a bit of extra pizzazz.


SofShell for iPad 2

Price: $29.50
The SofShell’s claim to fame is its stay-puttedness. This latex-free case feels like rubber, so it’s easy to grip—and it’s clear, so you can see your iPad’s Apple logo if that’s important to you. But it’s that extreme grippiness that the manufacturer says will help keep your iPad in place on the hood of a Porsche traveling at up to 60mph. We haven’t tested that claim, but a $30 case that helps keep your tablet from sliding and absorbs shock if you drop it isn’t a bad thing. If you’re using a Smart Cover, just make sure you buy the compatible version.


Speck ComfyShell for iPad 2

Price: $49.95$30.59 at
Straight on, the ComfyShell from mobile accessories vet Speck, looks like your typical black rubberized iPad case with port cutouts and a screen-protecting lip. But flip it over and there’s a small pillow on the back—perfect for those long Netflix-streaming sessions on the sofa. It’s like a cushioned lapdesk for your tablet, and the pillow easily slides off for when you’re done relaxing.


Speck iGuy for iPad 2

Price: $39.95
Have a kid? Have an iPad? You need a sturdy case. And this one’s fun too. This foam enclosure has arms for handles, comes in Lime (green), Mango (orange), or Peacock (bluish green) and transforms your tablet into a living cartoon character that will withstand the abuse your toddler can dish out. The Speck iGuy, with his stubby little legs, also makes a great stand—and a great conversation piece.


The Wallee

Price: $39.95 AUD (About $31 USD)$39.95 at Amazon Marketplace
Who needs a digital photo frame when you have an iPad? The Walleeturns your tablet into a showpiece. It’s a simple plastic snap on case that comes in white, black, or clear, with a raised ‘X’-shape cutout on its back. That cutout lets it work with various add-on accessories, like a wall-mount disk to hang your iPad on the wall and switch between landscape and portrait orientations easily. Other add-ons include a hand strap, an adjustable kickstand, a pivoting aluminum stand, and a VESA adapter, so you can add your iPad to many existing swing-out TV and monitor wall mounts.


XCase Flexible Shield for iPad 2

Price: $19.99
If you’re a Smart Cover user looking for simple, affordable protection for the back of your precious iPad, theXGear XCase is a good choice—and it’ll only cost you $20. The soft touch case comes in five colors and does a good job shielding the back and sides of the tablet without adding significant bulk. A slight lip protects your screen from flat drops, but doesn’t interfere with the Smart Cover’s magnets.