Author: iphonecaptain — Published: Feb 24, 2013 at 6:48 am

The Orion case by Mapicases offers many different positions for viewing and typing. It makes using the iPad much more comfortable in situations such as riding on a plane. On a recent flight, the Orion help me hold my iPad in a position for typing with greater comfort. The Orion iPad case holds the new iPad in several different positions which makes viewing the iPad better during a movie or while playing a game.

Mapicases have really outdone themselves with the presentation of the Orion cases. The box alone shows awesome quality and character. The box can be used to protect the cases when not in use. It has a hardshell and holds the Orion case securely inside for protection.

The iPad slides into the Orion case with no problems or complications. It provides access to all ports, power, and volume buttons. Users will enjoy the cover of the case which doubles as a stand for typing or watching movies. The cover is divided into four sections which can be folded or rolled up along the creases, and it is held closed magnetically for added protection. The leather quality of the case is super and looks great on all sides of the case. The iPad looks extremely classy inside the Orion case.

The Orion is available in five different colors which are: black, brown, red, tan, and white. It comes with a drawstring pouch that can be used for storage when not in use. The pouch has a very soft velvety feel to it and can be a great way to protect the case when not in use. However, I have found it does a great job of also cleaning the touch screen on the iPad.

MapiCases are much more expensive than your average iPad case but they deliver great quality and usability like no other case I have ever used. The Orion iPad case helps dress up the iPad and I received many compliments  during my time traveling. I have had many people inquire about the Orion iPad case and where they could pick one up.The case retails for $160 and can be found at