MG_4729-1024x790Welcome back to another edition of our weekly do-it-yourself column. We are big fans of making cases, stands, and mounts out of stuff lying around the house. Each week, we search the Web to find the coolest DIY projects. Last week, we told you about a handmade case that was inspired by the BookBook case for the iPad.

This week, we have another crafty case for the iPad, only this one is for a more relaxed personality. The Ultimate Hippie iPad Case is as easy to make as a laid back person could want.


This project was inspired by a lone placemat that its creator, Gina Baker from MomItForward, had in her crafter’s closet. With a bit of fabric, a button, and a needle and thread, you two can turn a placemat into an iPad cover.

For this project, you will need a placemat. If you want it to have that hippie flare, be sure to find a placemat with fringe on it. However, any placemat will do. Find one that fits your personality the best.

You will also need a piece of fabric to line the case. Make sure that the fabric’s dimensions are one inch longer and wider than your placemat so that you can sew a half-inch hem on each side. You will need a button, a sewing needle, and some thread.


First, cut out the fabric liner with to the appropriate dimensions and then iron a half-inch fold on all sides. Then, hands stitch the fabric to the placemat with the wrong sides facing. This makes it possible for you to have a hem without dealing with the turning inside out part of adding a lining. Feel free to use a top stitch instead of a hidden one. This will just add a more interesting look to your finished case.

Fold the lined placemat so that it completely covers the iPad, but also has a fold-over flap. Then, sew the sides together.


Add the button to the case on the body side. If you have fringe, you can use it to create the loop to attach to the button. If not, sew a small cord to the flap so that you can loop it over the button and secure it closed. It may be easier to add the cord before sewing the lining to the placemat so that the raw ends will be hidden.


To complete the look, add whatever embellishments you’d like. If you have a funky old necklace or charm from your mom’s stash, sew it to the outside and give it that extra bit of personality.

Thanks to Gina and MomItForward for coming up with this simple and fun DIY iPad project.